My iPod’s Busted, So You Get the Goods

My iPod is broken. Long story short, it won’t even turn on and loves to give me error messages. So to make myself feel better, I’m going to be presenting you all with some songs that I used to love to listen to on my iPod. Hopefully if you guys all get a little bit of happiness, it’ll equal up to my great bit of sadness.

MP3: Starlight Mints – Popsicle
It doesn’t get much more fun that this, people. Starlight Mints have created one of my favorite mindless pop tunes. I hate to sound cliche, but it fight quite nicely on my summer playlist (that is now deleted). If you never thought you’d be unable to resist singing along to some “la la’s” then this song’s for you.

MP3: The Unicorns – I Do (It)
This track from Unicorns Are People Too catches the Unicorns at their best. From the sexually suggestive lyrics to the cutesy karaoke-esque music, this song probably won’t take long to burrow into your brain. I know this sounds like the traditional indie stereotype, but their early stuff kicks butt. As a side note, I’ve been reassured that the Unicorns’ albums/EPs Unicorns Are People Too and 3 Inches of Blood are out of print and okay to post. Anyone interested?

MP3: Bhangra Knights – Husan
I could be way off on the title of this track, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. My good buddy Neil (who is Indian) showed us this great car commercial from India with some awesome techno-y song in the background. So when I got home, I hit up the Google to find it. Thankfully it lead me right to the song I was looking for. Thank you Google.

MP3: Yulduz Usmanova – Tak Boom
Back before I read blogs (let alone had one), my good buddy Kristine told me that I just had to check out this song. I believe it was hosted over at The Catbird Seat, but that’s not really important. It’s got an amazing organ riff and some awesome background vocals. I believe that the lyrics are Uzbekistani, but I’m most likely wrong. However, good music defies all language barriers, as this song proves.

13 thoughts on “My iPod’s Busted, So You Get the Goods”

  1. “Unicorns Are People Too and 3 Inches of Blood are out of print and okay to post”

    Ok, you have no idea how long i’ve looked to legally buy these two albums! I would greatly enjoi it!

  2. I woud love love love 3 inches of blood, and would also love (or at least like, a lot) you if you posted it.

    having dropped my ipod thousands of times (once from 15 feet, onto my friend’s HEAD–i don’t understand it, either) it broke like that one day–just stopped playing, stopped doing anything. so i reset it and it worked fine, and maybe you can be lucky like that too, because for about one day, before i figured out how to reset it (hold down the center and play buttons at the same time, i think) i was totally panicked and convinced i would never have good jams in my life again.

  3. weird… my hard drive just went in mine! i’m mailing it in tuesday, since it’s covered under warranty.

  4. Dude, I know what you’re going through. I thought my iPod was broken last year and was devastated. My brother tried to help me and it made it worse, and then I spent $60 on apple tech support, and then I tried restarting it while it was plugged into the power outlet and suddenly it worked. Mine’s a second generation so hopefully it hangs on a while yet.

  5. i need to be convinved that the unicorns are as good as everyone always tells me they are. a friend even implored that out of all his favorite bands, that i give the corns a second shot.

  6. Man, if you posted the Unicorns stuff, I think the internet itself would sing your praises.

  7. The Secret Unicorns Forum has Three Inches of Blood and a bunch of other amazing old unicorns shit.

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