Elliott Smith Live Video

Hey gang. I recently found this awesome acoustic, solo video of Elliott Smith. It’s a geat setlist and pretty good quality. The only problem is that it’s about 100mb too big for my server. So I might chop it in half or maybe do it by song. But for now, here’s a sample. Son of Sam has always been in my top two favorite Elliott songs, so I think it’s a great choice to ease the transition into Monday.

AVI: Elliott Smith NYC 2-22-2000- 01 Son of Sam

10 thoughts on “Elliott Smith Live Video”

  1. Man…

    Thank you! I personally can’t do the BitTorrent thing, but I would love to see some more songs from this…or all of it!

    Thanks again.


  2. I’m not really down with the Bit Torrent either, just for the record. But, I’d like to have as many songs from this as possible.


  3. Hey Matt…

    Thanks so much for sharing this up.

    Hey, y’know, I’ve got the server space and unlimited bandwidth… I’d be more than happy to host the whole thing for a little. Just drop me an email if you’re up for that.



  4. I would kill for copy of that. Is there any way you could forward it via Kristine or something?

  5. DANGIT!

    I was on vacation for the fourth, and when I came back and did some catch-up at YANP, well, look at what I missed. The link is dead now…

    I guess I’ll just go crawl into a cave and listen to the bright eyes box set (i.e. mope).


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