Indie All-Stars Pen Halloween Tune

From Pop Montreal. If you’re too lazy to read it, Islands (Nick and J’aime from Unicorns) and a ton of indie folk, ranging from Arcade Fire and the Flaming Lips to Wayne Coyne, are teaming up to record a song called Do They Know It’s Halloween? I assume this is a parody of Do They Know It’s Christmas. Also, Clay Aiken is involved….

Fortunately for real music fans and abstinence skeptics around the globe, there are also alternatives to Live8. This year, a group of artists and performers of various kinds are getting together to record a benefit single for UNICEF to raise actual funds and awareness for the Halloween boxes. I don’t know if the people at VICE (who have helped orchestrate the affair and will be putting out the single) have check with Sir Geldof’s lawyers, but the song will be entitled “Do They Know It’s Halloween?” Those familiar with the varying aesthetic inclinations of Montreal bands of recent memory won’t be surprised to learn that the brainchild of this project is none other than former-Unicorn and current Corn Gangg/Islands member, Nicholas Diamonds. Before anyone jumps on the misanthropic bandwagon (oh, but it’s so easy and comfortable there, I know…) they might want to take a look at who Diamonds, with the help of former VICE editor (and nemesis of yours truly – ed.) and current upstanding citizen Adam Gollner, have lined up for the project. In addition to Th’ Corn Gangg, “Do They Know It’s Halloween?” will also feature The Arcade Fire, Beck, Thurston Moore, Karen O, Sparks, Wayne Coyne, David Cross, Spike Jones, Juliette Lewis, Devandra Banhart, Gino Washington, Nardwuar The Human Serviette, Clay Aiken(WTF???), and others who have yet to be confirmed. I know what you’re thinking: “Devendra Banhart and Clay Aiken together at last!” No word yet on whether an actual video will accompany the single, but one can dream.

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