DC Comics Holds Up New Sufjan Album!

OH SNAP! Apparently they have a problem with the image of Superman cruising through the sky. Also, if you’ll notice…they’ve removed the image of Supes in the thumbnail album cover. Oh bother.

pse: does this mean my copy is a collector’s item?
ppse: Cory, I think this means you won’t get your copy before July 4th.

3 thoughts on “DC Comics Holds Up New Sufjan Album!”

  1. wow. looks like my copy’s all good too. (my local record shop started selling it this week. i wasn’t even thinking it was out yet and i picked it up on a whim. loved it ever since.)

    let’s hope it’s not to much of a delay. it’s a good album.

  2. Man what a drag. I hope it doesn’t cost them too much.

    I’m glad I got my copy weeks ago.

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