Download the New Sonic Youth Songs!

As previously reported, Thurston Moore previewed some new songs recently. I finally managed to grab them off Soulseek after many hours of trying. Perhaps some of you big SY fans can explain to me if (Eye Liner) is the song refered to as “Pink Steam” on their main news page?

Thurston Moore – Flywheel, Easthampton, MA – July 23, 2005
01 Tuning/Intro
02 Helen Lundeberg
03 Do You Believe in Rapture
04 Or
05 (Eye Liner)

New Sonic Youth Songs

SY played four new songs recently. I’m doing my best to grab the mp3s off Soulseek (which I had to download especially for this) and will be uploading them if and when I get them. In the mean time, make due with the news from their site:

Thurston, Kim and Steve made an impromptu appearance at the Flywheel in Easthampton, MA on July 18 performing 4 new songs Sonic Youth have been working on in rehearsals. The songs were ‘Helen Lundeberg’, ‘Or’,’Do You Believe in Rapture’ and “Pink Steam’. Also appearing that night were Afri Rampo and Lightning Bolt. Footage of the evening can be found here.

Math and Physics Club – Movie Ending Romance EP

If you took away nothing else from the movie Grease, it was probably that summer lovin’ happens “so fast.” During the warmer months, we often find that our attention spans shorten and our eyes and hearts seek novelty. And because it’d be rather hard for them to visit our houses individually, Math and Physics club have released a summer EP in an attempt to gain our affection.

The EP, entitled Movie Ending Romance, consists of three original tunes and You’re So Good To Me, a Beach Boys cover. While it’s not clear if MAPC want to use this EP to whet our appitites for their eventual full length, it’s sure to entertain their fans in the mean time. Though it appears obvious upon first listen that these guys are still huge fans of the Lucksmiths, it is evident that there is musical growth since their last EP, Weekends Away. Most especially, the production has been stepped up a notch or two. Songs like You’re So Good to Me make full use of the stereo sound through clever layers and subtle instruments. However, at other times it seems almost overwhelming. The ending of White and Grey employs so many instruments that it teeters between beautiful and confusing.

The only area in which Movie Ending Romance falls somewhat short is in the songwriting. Each song is beautiful and dreamy, yes. However, if you listen to it back to back with their first EP, you’ll notice that each song sounds like the preceding one. But it could be worse. If the Beatles had written 10 albums worth of Love Me Do‘s and HELP!‘s, they still would have been an amazing band. It’s just that stepping out from the Lucksmiths/Camera Obscura/Belle and Sebastian umbrella might do Math and Physics Club some good while they’re still in the childhood of their career.

Now, having read all this, it’s important for you to realize a couple things as well. First of all, Math and Physics Club is still a band that’s trying to find themselves. After only two EPs, we shouldn’t expect them to deliver Tigermilk onto our doorsteps. However, they come close enough for having put out a fun summertime EP. It’s nothing that is going to land them on the charts, and it probably won’t get an 8 on Pitchfork. What it will do is delight and entertain you through the rest of your summer and hopefully even after.

Movie Ending Romance

Buy Movie Ending Romance (it’s only $5, people)
MAPC’s Website
Matinee’s Website
My Interview with MAPC

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If you’re looking for some nice shoegazing pop to hold you over until the new Belle and Sebastian album sees the light of day, Sambassadeur just might be able to fulfill your needs. Much like their musical cousins, Camera Obscura, this Swedish quartet frequently employs light, breathy vocals over handclaps and rythmic guitar parts. Something else that stands out about Sambassadeur is that their lyrics really sound like poetry. If Belle and Sebastian where a 22 year old college kid in a band, Sambassadeur would be their 13 year old sister scribbling poems for no one. However, thankfully those poems have seen the light of day – Labrador is putting out their debut album.

Between the Lines
New Moon
Whatever Season

NOTE: I found out about Sambassadeur through Radio Hoodies, which is part of Neighborhoodies. Both are groups that I support, even if they do charge $25 for a shirt.

ANOTHER NOTE: Dodge is full of flattery. He’s still the King and he knows it. If any of you in Texas want to put up a great guy so he can see ACL, I’m sure he wouldn’t steal any of your stuff*

*except your hearts

Proton Proton

Proton Proton are another awesome band from Brooklyn that are worth a second glance (which is rare with a lot of BK bands, as Kathryn will tell you). I’ll admit I was a bit sceptical about another dance-prog-rock-new-wave sort of band, but I was won over by their sample mp3s. Lock Picker sounds almost like Moving Units and Q and Not U teamed up – complete with cowbell! Unfortunately their new EP is available only through personal contact with the band, but in the mean time I’m sure they’d dig it if you downloaded a song or two and threw them on your favorite dance-punk mix.

Lock Picker
Chinese Dancer
Line Out

Decemberists Picaresqueties Update

On September 13th, Jealous Butcher and Kill Rock Stars will soon be releasing a 2 LP set of the Decemberists – the album Picaresque and the EPish 5 song thing, Picaresqueties. More details thanks to Jealous Butcher’s site:

A split release with our friends at Kill Rock Stars this release features genuine gatefold LP packaging, just like it was the 60’s, with a 24 page, full color booklet glued to the inside of the jacket. The booklet contains all new photographs from the Picaresque photo shoot. The LP also includes Picaresqueties, 5 songs recorded during the Picaresque sessions not to be found on any other Decemberists release

Side D “Picaresqueties”
The Bandit Queen (With “Dialogue” and “Tap-Dancing”)
Bridges and Balloons
The Kingdom of Spain (Version Prescott)
The Bandit Queen (Version Prescott)

Streets and the Cars and the Shadows and the Stars

First of all, thanks to everyone who linked to my Indie Covers post. It’s by far the most successful post I’ve ever made. I wish this post would be longer, but I’ll warn you that after I’m finished, I’m running to Family Buffet to have dinner.

The New Pornographers will be on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic Friday, August 26. I’m sure this will only further encourage me to make it up to see them at the Southgate House. For tour dates, check out Matador’s site.

Spoon completed work on their video for Sister Jack and will most likely be showing it off sooner than later.

Here’s a quick recap of artists and their status in the studio:
Cat Power is completely done recording her new album.
Mogwai is putting the finishing touches on theirs.
Belle and Sebastian are holed up somewhere (LA?) recording their next album.
The Apples in stereo are still recording away, and as previously reported, are looking for a new label. Here’s a (poor quality) sample of one of the new Apples songs that I recorded in Lexington.
MP3: Robert Schneider – Skyway

Stereogum has the trailer the new Johnny Cash movie, Walk the Line. link

Royal City

I can’t decide what to make of Royal City. On some songs, it seems like I’m listening to Conor Oberst sing a Sufjan tune. Other times I’m certain that it’s a Wolf Parade, but with a strong jazz influence. Just when you think you’ve got these guys pegged, they switch it up.

Bring My Father a Gift
Bad Luck
Under a Hollow Tree
My Brother is the Meatman
Is This It (Strokes cover)

Want more MP3s? Epitonic’s got ’em.

Indie Covers Bonus Songs!

Due to the overwhelming success of my indie top 40 covers, I’ve decided to upload a couple “bonus” songs for you all. Some of these didn’t make it because they weren’t exactly top 40 stuff, and others didn’t make it because I didn’t receive them until after I’d posted the mix.

01 Flaming Lips – Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
02 Belle and Sebastian – Video Killed the Radio Star (Buggles)
03 Of Montreal – Colour Me In (Broadcast)
04 Arcade Fire – Naive Melody (Talking Heads)
05 Travis Morrison – What’s Your Fantasy (Ludacris)
06 Sonic Youth – Superstar (Carpenters)

UPDATE! Revolution in the Head posted a huge collection of Belle and Sebastian covers that are totally awesome.