Whoa Buddy (and Arcade Fire videos)

So did anyone catch my site while it was all messed up? Long story short, I didn’t give the template enough time to load before I saved it…and it erased 80% of my html. So I had to completely remake it from bits of old versions that I had laying around. But I remain undaunted! By the time I go back to college, I hope to have YANP running in color with an actually useful sidebar!

To make up for my template error, here are the third and fourth videos of Arcade Fire on Turnpike.

Arcade Fire on Turnpike Videos (avi)
1: Intro/Interview
2: Neighborhood #2
3: Interview/Wake Up
4: Headlights Look Like Diamonds

5 thoughts on “Whoa Buddy (and Arcade Fire videos)”

  1. I so had those videos the week they came out! They’re good, though, aren’t they? I’m glad you fixed it all. See, it didn’t take as long as you thought it would!

  2. It feels so weird with the side bar on the left, I for one vote to put it back on the right. But it’s your site so it’s probably best to leave it up to you. Oh, and thanks for the great videos!

  3. nah left sidebars are whack + i used to always lose it over to the right whenever i had favourites/ history/ bookmarks open.

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