Lorenzo Goetz

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Lorenzo Goetz are simply odd. But not the kind of odd like that guy Terry that went to high school with; the kind of odd like a Peter Sellers comedy. This is some wonderful summer music that I would feel pretty bad if I didn’t introduce you to.

I suppose, more than anything, variation is the name of their game. Their instrumentation varies from sounding like acoustic techno to some california-style pop. If you’re a fan of Speechwriters LLC or any other acoustic bands with an upbeat style and sense of humor about themselves, then you’ll definetely want to check out Lorenzo Goetz…now if I could just figure out what that name is all about.

Jesus Elephant
Muy Macho

One thought on “Lorenzo Goetz”

  1. Hey. We got this disc a while back for review. I really like some of the songs, while others leave me scratching my head a little bit. I’m a little bummed that some ot the tracks that are my favorites aren’t available to link as MP3 listens. Guess I’ll have to get my review posted soon since you beat me to the punch.

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