Birdie Hilltop

I don’t have much to say about Birdie Hilltop because, frankly, I don’t know anything about them. The only official website connected with them is their labels’ who offer this biography:
“birdie hilltop was formed in lancaster, pennsylvannia after the mccaskey high school graduation in 1998. they like lots of things like eating at diners and throwing frisbee at the park in nueva york, but music, movies and skateboarding is where their heart is.”

This reminds me of some of the early Elephant 6 stuff if you took away the some of the more trippy aspects. By that, I mean that it feels like Robert Schneider writing lyrics over Jeff Mangum’s instrumentation. But I guess it could just be the lo-fi nature of it that’s throwing me off. The roughness of the recordings only seem to add soul and depth to the music, so try not to let it get you down.

Under the Covers
Bucket of Laughs

5 thoughts on “Birdie Hilltop”

  1. They’re good. I reviewed an E-EP for HSayz a while ago from Frigital Records, their label…it was pretty solid. Good lo-fi music…Birdie Hilltop seemed to be the best talent on the E-EP.

    “With A Bat” was the tune…it was a good one.

  2. Great tracks, thanks for sharing. They have two Birdie Hilltop albums on the Frigital website for only $6 each, I might check them out…

  3. Birdie Hilltop’s album finished #8 on our 2004 best-of list. The album is top notch, and you’re right, the recording is deceptively good, it only adds to the timelessness of the songs. extraordinary songwriter. makes you scratch your head why more people aren’t into him.

  4. damn this is good music. has anyone seen this guy live or know anything else about him? i myself don’t mind the “lo-fi” stuff, i can imagine birdie in his bedroom pining over a high-school love lost. i would love to see this guy perform. it would be interesting to hear what he sounds like without the interference of a low quality four – track. any more info on him? anybody?? please share!!!

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