Architecture in Helsinki – The Southgate House, Newport, KY June 8th

Because I spent so long typing up that Architecture in Helsinki interview, I’m just going to give the highlights of their performance.

  • The stage was covered in instruments
  • Once they did come out, it was only to lay down and wake up to Nevereverdid
  • Cameron using a beer can as a musical instrument
  • Gus spent the entire time with 88.1 WRFL written on his arm from where he did a station ID for me. Don’t believe me? Look closer (or here or here)
  • Hardcore fluting
  • A Randy Newman cover
  • Cameron’s guitar-dancing
  • The girls doing a Macarena-ish dance during their cover of Roxy Music’s Love is the Drug
  • Cameron asking the crowd about bourbon and Colonel Sanders (ah…Kentucky)
  • And yes, the latest picture in the continuation of my series entited Awkwardly Standing Next to Indie Celebs is this gem.

    Oh yeah! An internet buddy of mine over at the Secret Unicorns Forum got a DVD video of one of their performances and I’ll hopefully be getting a copy. If this should be, then I’ll do my best to rip it and upload it so you can experience the joy along with me.

    3 thoughts on “Architecture in Helsinki – The Southgate House, Newport, KY June 8th”

    1. Careful Matt, it would not be wise to disrespect The Colonel…

      It was a great show here in Indy too, glad you got to get so personal with AinH!

    2. It was an absolutely awesome show, and I’m glad you got so many good pictures of it. Man, I’m going to miss Southgate …

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