The Apes

The Apes have a pretty varied sound, but the consistant thing is that they’re good. At times it sounds like they’re being a whiter Rage Against the Machine; while other times it feels like they’re channeling We Are Scientists (though, probably without knowing it). But the great thing about these guys, is that you get to hear most of their varied sound. They have 14 tracks available in their audio section, as well as their entire performance on KVRX. That’s like…an album and a half’s worth of music!

The Night Time Reaper

The Apes live on KVRX

Architecture in Helsinki live on WOXY

When I posted a link to a recent AiH bootleg, I received an email from a reader saying that he had recently taped one as well. This is their performance on the radio station WOXY (you know, the one Dustin Hoffman kept talking about in Rain Man?). Unless I’m mistaken, it’s the one they did the day I interviewed them. Be sure to download it before his host can’t take the internet strain!

Architecture in Helsinki’s performance on WOXY

Unicorns – Alden = Islands

*jealous* Simple Mission has two new tracks from Islands, a band formed by Nicholas and J’aime formerly of The Unicorns. Go now. A live version of Abominable Snow has been floating around the ‘Corns community for a while, but never a studio. I’m really interested to hear where this goes.

While writing this post, I accidently found out that I had the Unicorns hookup. Austin from The Secret Unicorns Forum sent me a couple lines from a recent chat with J’aime. This about sums it up:

“Well, we are still working on putting the new band together. We want to find a way to do something that has rapping and singing and is organic and fun and dancy and sonically interesting and such”

Of Montreal Acoustic Video

Finally! Here’s the most wonderful video since the solo Jeff Mangum vid. Quality is excellent and the setlist is great as well. Forecast Facist Future is a special treat to see performed acoustically. To me the best thing about this video is that it allows you to compare their album (which has a strong elctronica/electroclash sound) to the acoustic versions of the songs.

AVI: Kevin Barnes June 10 2005 at Waterloo Records (150mb)

Wolf Parade Recording – 6/18/2005

As they say in Kentucky, “yee haw.” Here’s the first Wolf Parade recording that I’ve ever run across. I’m sure it’ll be the first of many.

ZIP: Wolf Parade – 6/18/2005

Wolf Parade
Parc des Ameriques
Montreal, Quebec

1. You Are a Runner and I am My Father’s Son
2. It’s a Curse
3. Secret Knives
4. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
5. A Day in the Life (Atlas Strategic cover)
6. Heart is on Fire
7. I’ll believe in Anything, You’ll Believe in Anything

Free outdoor show.

This is an incomplete recording of the show, but probably the only one that circulates. The first track starts late, so I faded it in, and the last track has lots of errors (dying battery on my ad-20), so you may want to leave it off your copy all together. Still the recording sounds very good overall so I decided to keep it and spread it around, ’cause they’re a good new Canadian band who deserve to be heard.

You Cried Inside, Just Like Me

So yeah, I didn’t even know this existed – Turnpike’s Archives. Remember those Arcade Fire videos I was hosting on my server? Well, it turns out that they’re hosted at that site (as well as some Spoon and tons of other great bands). I may continue to host some Turnpike videos, but for now you should be more than entertained by their generous offering.

Check out this interview with Colin Meloy of the Decemberists over at eMusic. This one is pretty important – he mentions the possibility of leaving KRS and even *gasp* the importance of blogs (though he told me that he never reads them).

The new Dandy Warhols album is due out Sept 13. I wasn’t too big of a fan of Welcome to the Monkey House, but I have high hopes for this one. Read more.

Dang. I’d like to give a big “I hate you” to Una from Una Rocks. She single-handedly raised the bar for amateur interviews. Don’t believe me? Read her interview with Bloc Party. “When everyone wants a piece of you, how do you make sure there is something left for yourself?” Dang. There’s a ton more interviews there as well. (p.s. I don’t really hate you, Una. I’m just jealous ;)

Stalking the Pitchfork staff? I’m scared.

Super Furry Animals New Song

So you all know that I’m against illegal downloading, right? Well yesterday a friend made me slip up on my resolution. He’s been trying to get me into Super Furry Animals for quite some time (I’m slow, I know). He finally succeeded with a leaked song from their new album – Lazer Beam. I’d normally throw it up in a heartbeat, but since SFA signed to Epic recently…I’m afraid. That means that I’ll be emailing the band and the label to see if it’s cool to be put online. But in the mean time, here’s a halfway decent live track of a song off the new album.

Ohio Heat (live)

NME Reports on SFA’s New Album – Gruff: “I’m planning to be the only solo artist to split up.”

pse: SFA’s new album comes out Aug 22. Based on the strength of this one song, I’m definetely buying it.

Architecture in Helsinki Recording/Bootleg

I put recording because someone brought it to my attention that “bootlegs” have the implication of being sold illegally. While I don’t really care what they’re called, I figured I’d extend the olive branch of terminology.

But on to the goodies! When I wrote my review of an Architecture in Helsinki show, someone emailed me and asked for permission to use one of my photos. (note: this is good ettiquite, but you guys can use them if you want) Well, today he emailed me again with a link to his write-up. Much to my surprise, he also taped the show! Being the nice guy that he is, Julien (for that is his name), even offered to find a way to get the show to me. I want to take this time to thank all you folk like Julien who go out of your way to get the music out there. I do my part, but it would never happen for tapers, traders, and generous people.

Enough talk! Here’s a link to the place where you can download seven mp3s from an Architecture in Helsinki show! – Architecture in Helsinki June 11th

And if you’re too lazy to go there, I’ve mirrored two of the files for you guys.
AiH – Love is the Drug (live Roxy Music cover)
AiH – The Cemetary (live)

The Jury Finds the Defendant a Lamer

My friend Joe told me to post this picture in honor of my birthday. It’s me (left) and him (right) posing last year with the best bus in all of Chicago.

Before I get started with the birthday news, let me just say that I had no idea that I shared birthdays with Colin from Radiohead. I swear my parents didn’t plan it or anything. But yeah, my birthday was pretty laid back. I ate at my favorite chinese buffet with some close friends and then drove to Louisville to buy a couple albums. I bought The Unicorns album on CD and Funeral and In the Aeroplane Over the Sea on vinyl. Before you ask, I still don’t have a record player. I think it’s time for me to give in and hit up eBay.

As Nathaniel has told me approximately a thousand times over the past week, today is “We Are Scientists Day.” The reason being that the Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt single comes out in the UK today. They were interviewed for MTV2, so look for that to be featured on whatever program profiles the best music ever in the world. Oh, don’t forget that they’ll be appearing at Reading 2005 Fest over in merry old England. Any of you Brits want to try to take photos for me?

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah had this to say to Pitchfork: “I’ve heard the Talking Heads before. That’s that band from the 80s, right?” I don’t think he’s joking, either.

Stream The Shins live on Minnesota Public Radio in RM format. I’m going to try to turn this into an mp3 very soon. I know I say that all the time, but there’s something in here that’s a real keeper, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll know what I’m talking about in the first minute and a half (hint: can you say “Hot for Teacher?”) Also, they share some info about the new album, so it’s a double whammy!

So I was over at the Weezernation Forums and someone posted a link to a video and asked “what band is playing in this song?” Well, much to my surprise, it was the fabled HP ad that featured The Decemberists song 16 Military Wives. I really wish this had been given the go-ahead.
MOV: HP Decemberists Ad

Looks like the trailer for Elizabethtown is available for your viewing pleasure. This is noteworthy for the simple fact that I live in Elizabethtown, KY (they filmed a bunch here and kinda..named the movie after us) and go to school in Lexington, KY (they filmed even more there). Oh, and one of my good friends is a reoccuring extra in the movie. Dang, I’m so tied to this flick. It better not be terrible. (via Caps and Spelling and RS)

Surely NASA can find something better to do with their time?