Derek James

Anyone remember when Jack Johnson started out? He had so much to say musically that it was really inspiring. Hey, speaking of which; do you remember Dave Matthew’s first couple albums? Now those were some great tunes. So what have Jack and Dave been up to lately? Oh, that’s right. They’ve been pandering to the MTV crowd of frat boys and girls too lazy to form their own musical tastes. Well, if you dig early Dave Matthews and just about any Jack Johnson, then I think I might have a special treat for you – a young man named Derek James.

With Derek James’s deubut album, we have a musician at an interesting point in his career. He’s got the fire and intensity that most musicians do as they step into the wonderful world of recording. But thankfully, there’s also some great talent present. Some of his songs are almost impossible to classify because of their vast amount of influences. I suppose out of all the songs on this album, I’m the most smitten with One More Day. The only bad thing that I can say about the track is that with the right promotion…it could wind up being played repeatedly on MTV. It’s not only a good song, but it really does have mass appeal.

At times it seems that Derek really wants to join the ranks of Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews by being a folky, grooving type of songwriter. But just when you think you’ve easily got him pegged as a one trick act, he goes and does a complete musical 180. I’m really impressed with the versatility shown on this album, and it’s making me wonder where he’ll go from here.

MP3: One More Day
Go to Derek’s site to stream half the album and learn more about this cool guy from Brooklyn, NY (is everyone from BK these days?)

Note: First one to post a Derek James/Rick James joke gets blog-slapped.

Guided By Voices – Peel Session 1996

Guided By Voices – Peel Sessions (rar)
01 – Party / Striped White Jets
02 – Atom Eyes
03 – Cut Out Witch / Man Called Aerodynamics
04 – Bright Paper Werewolves / Lord of Overstock
05 – Wondering Boy Poet

Hmm…did I get this from RegnYouth’s Peel Sessions page? I’m thinking that I might have. Oh well. He’s got about a bajillion things over there that you’ll probably want to check out. He is for albums and music what I am to… words and pictures?

Kings of Convenience Offer Bootlegs and Rarities

Did any of you know that this page existed? Me neither. KoC has posted a ton of their concerts from ’01 – ’04 for your downloading pleasure. Of particular note is that they include some covers as well. Everybody from The Cure and Portishead to Tom Petty and the Magnetic Fields get a working over. It’s a joyous time for everyone involved.

Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side (Magnetic Fields cover in studio)
Free Fallin (Tom Petty live cover)
Glory Box (Portishead live cover)
A Most Peculiar Man (Simon and Garfunkel live cover)

You Really Can’t Be Late To Meet The Heads of State

>>Wheelkick Records’ online indie mag, The Spanker, has a cool little interview with Justin Rice of Bishop Allen.

>>Athens Popfest is still looking like it has the potential to be the most awesome thing ever. I can’t decide if I’m going to go to it, though.

>>Largehearted Boy links to a Chuck Palahniuk radio interview that has quickly become my favorite thing ever. For those of you who did not know, Chucky P is one of my favorite authors ever. Also, if you listen to this interview… you’ll probably notice that Chuck sounds almost dead up like David Byrne.

>>This past Friday, Of Montreal played a live set on KEXP. I don’t believe the performance has been archived yet, but I might try to record it and post it when it finally is. Any interest in this?

>>Whales remix each others’ songs? (via Boing Boing)

>>Here are things that I have tickets for/am awaiting their arrival in the mail/are free. Anyone interested in a meet up or something equally nerdy?
-The Raveonettes (free show), June 5th Newport, KY
Architecture in Helsinki, June 8th Newport, KY
-Modest Mouse, June 9th Louisville, KY
-Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, June 10th Louisville, KY
-Intonation Music Festival, Chicago, IL


I’d imagine that it would come as no surprise to you all to learn that I really love Radiohead. The Flaming Lips too. So imagine my delight when I finally ran across Midlake. Justin from Texas says that they probably had the album of the year last year…and I usually tend to trust people named Justin (especially ones from Texas).

Midlake is seriously what would happen if Thom Yorke ever had Wayne Coyne and the rest of the Lips act as his backing band. While some of the songs (Balloon Maker) seem to fit in perfectly as a bside or something to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots others, such as The Jungler feel like they’d be right at home on Amnesiac. I’m loving their unique take on some well-worn styles of music, and I’m hoping that you guys will feel the same way. They’ve got a new album coming out some time around Fall ’05, so remember to check back to see when it’ll be released!

Balloon Maker
The Jungler

Since their website seems to be down at the moment, you should check out their Myspace Profile to grab some more free tunes!

A Musical Ode to Online Stalking

Online stalking is just as much of a time-honored tradition as the art of medicine or lawyering. Okay, well lawyering anyways.. With the advent of the internet, finding out info about your ex’s or crushes has been a thousand times easier than actually talking to them. So what brings this topic to my mind? Glad you asked.

A friend of mine has started a blog. I actually met her through YANP, so it’s kinda come full circle. She “stalked” me online for a while (translation: friended me on Myspace) and we’ve become fast friends. She decided to create a blog about things she stalks or is otherwise obsessed with. I must say that I’m impressed with the name of her blog – Stalka Khan. Nice huh? Well it should be, since I accidently named it ;) It’s a cute little blog and I suggest that you guys go there to get a peak into her life.

But anyways, the music. I’ll admit that this post was just a flimsy excuse to present you with two very cool tracks. They’re both silly and fun, but playlist worthy anyways. Enjoy!

MP3: The Rinse – Google
Great little ditty from one of my favorite Brooklyn bands (aren’t they all from BK these days?) As the title would imply, it’s about Googling ex girlfriends to see what they’re up to.

MP3: Hello Saferide – Highschool Stalker
Song from a girl’s perspective (gasp!) about stalking her crush both online and in real life. Surely no girl would ever stalk a guy. It’s always the other way around, right? ;)

Fiery Furnaces Bootleg – 4/8/05

Ta da! Here’s what the “requested” show is – The Fiery Furnaces! I’d imagine that there’s a good chance one of you was at this show, seeing as you guys seem to be a very concert-going bunch. But anyways, if you’ve never been to a Fiery Furnaces show, then you’re in for a special treat. Their shows are legendary for the energy and speed at which they rock.

As I said in my review of their show in Newport, these guys don’t stop rocking. They’re the only band I’ve ever seen who literally played through their encore break with two members and then did a full band encore. It was really inspiring. While their show made me realize that sometimes breaks between songs can be a good thing, it was also really neat to see. The quality of this bootleg isn’t quite as great as the B&S show, it’s still really good. At least the setlist is slightly better than the one at our show.

The Fiery Furances – Live @ Washington DC 4/8/05 (zip)
01 (intro)
02 Rehearsing My Choir
03 Quay Cur
04 Straight Street
05 Blueberry Boat
06 Single Again / Here Comes The Summer / Evergreen / Sing For Me
07 I’m Gonna Run / Leaky Tunnel / Up In The North / Spaniolated / 1917 / Birdie Brain
08 Paw Paw Tree / My Dog Was Lost But Now He’s Found / Mason City
09 Asthma Attack / Don’t Dance Her Down / Crystal Clear / Two Fat Feet / Bow Wow
10 Police Sweater Blood Vow
11 I’m Waiting To Know You
12 Teach Me, Sweetheart
13 Tropical Iceland / Sullivan’s Social Slub
14 (crowd noise)

I’m somewhat bringing back the “vote for what concert you want” thing. I’ve got a couple shows that I’ve recently found and I don’t know what you guys would want the most. They’re all really awesome. Suggestions still welcome!
-Colin Meloy Solo Live at Schuba’s Tavern in Chicago (great quality and he talks for like a minute or two about each song he plays. Great stuff)
-Devendra Banhart live on KCRW
-The La’s live 11/24/90
-Broken Social Scene live at KVRX

Athens Popfest 2005

So the Athens Popfest lineup looks really promising. Of Montreal and Circulatory System alone are probably worth the $45 price tag for this five day event. However, what interests me the most is the promise of the “surprise guests.” The promoters have said that it’ll sell out almost instantly when the guests are announced. Since this is mostly Elephant 6 related, here are my four guesses for the special guests:

1.) Olivia Tremor Control – the sold out everything else; why not this one? Besides, it’s Athens and it’s not like they’ll be busy that weekend or something.
2.) The Apples in stereo – Robert and the gang are probably getting close to finished on the new album. I know they’re going to Europe for a bit, so at least they’re ready to tour again.
3.) Beulah – Sure it’s a long shot, but not as much so as…
4.) Neutral Milk Hotel/Jeff solo – haha. Yeah right

Anyone have a guess for the special guest that can magically sell out a festival? Also, is anyone thinking of going? I might try to buy a ticket tomorrow since it’s only $45. I’d probably only be able to go for days four and five, though.

Belle and Sebastian Bootleg – 3/4/03

Of all the bootlegs that I’ve posted on here, none has received quite the outpour of excitement that the B&S Peel Christmas party did. So if you guys thought hearing the lads cover Christmas tunes in a light-hearted manner was cool, wait until you hear this one.

The sound quality is so good on this that at first I thought it was really a mislabled studio demo or something. The tracklist is a particular delight as well. While not all my favorites are here, it’s still a pretty solid representation of their discography. I’ll admit that I’m not an obsessive B&S fan like Kristine is, but I’m stilly really smitten with this. It’s a great bootleg and I really suggest that you guys grab it while it’s hosted*.

Belle and Sebastian – Live in Utrecht, Netherlands (4th March 2003) (zip)

This is an awesome bootleg, so guess what that means…Exactly

*speaking of which, you have about one more day to grab that Killers bootleg before I take it down in favor of something a little more… requested, shall we say. I stumbled across something that someone asked for the other day and I knew that I had to upload it. So on that note, is there anything else you guys would like me to find?