This Might Be a Concert Review:They Might Be Giants – Danville, KY April 8th 2005

They Might Be Giants
Oh wow. Ever have one of those moments where you realize that something had been missing from your life, but you never noticed it? I had that moment today at 9pm in Danville, Kentucky. They Might Be Giants put on an entertaining and hilarious show. Let me explain to you the level of rock that went on – I actually danced. Sure it was awkward and probably looked like a full body dry heave, but I was moved by the music.

I know I’ve said this before, but I was a TMBG fan at an early age. I saw them on Tiny Toons and was instantly hooked. I managed to find a copy of said music videos here (Istanbul) and here (Particle Man). I talked to some other people there and it turns out I wasn’t the only one who was drawn in by a dancing duck. Thankfully I don’t have to hide my secret any more.

But anyways, let’s get down to business. I was ready for They Might Be Giants to be drunk, suck and let me down completely. Now, thankfully that isn’t what happened. In fact, they put on the most fun show that I’ve yet attended. There was audience participation (Drink!), instructions (“The Wave”) and sing alongs (Freebird?) Not only that, but they were hilarious. At one point John wasn’t ready for the song to start and said the “s word.” But then explained that it stood for “Stop Hitting Instruments Together” They were quite the comedians.

If I may make one more admission, I’d like to confess something. I’m really only familiar with Flood, Lincoln, Apollo 18, Mink Car and some random mp3s that I’ve downloaded. Now, while I know every word to those albums, let me say that that isn’t even close to the full discography of the Giants. So I was ready to be confused and not get to sing along to anything. I fully expected them not to play Particle Man or Istanbul because, well, everyone wanted them too. I know a lot of bands resent having fans yell out for their old material, so I kept my trap shut. But yet, I was rewarded for it. They not only played those two songs, but also treated us to thrilling renditions of Dr. Worm and Birdhouse in Your Soul, which was my favorite of the night.

All in all, They Might Be Giants had amazing on-stage chemistry that captured the fun and live that’s present in their albums. The Johns were great and had no sign of wear after their 20+ years-long career. I highly suggest that if you get the chance to check out their live show that you put your hand inside the puppet head and take it!

I was going to go down the list of songs and link to a copy of it, but I figured it’d just be easier to link you to this concert, which had a very close setlist.

Experimental Film
Dr. Worm
Particle Man/Freebird
Fake Believe
B*stard Wants to Hit Me
You’re Not the Boss of Me
New York City
Why Does the Sun Shine?
Robot Parade
Birdhouse in Your Soul
D*mn Good Times
Stalk of Wheat
She’s an Angel
Clap Your Hands
The Guitar
James K. Polk


But here are some, just in case you need your fix ;)
Another First Kiss (quite possibly their best song?)
New York City
She’s Actual Size
The Guitar (The Lion Sleep Tonight)

Photos (I’d like to thank my best friend, Joe Reloj, for the use of his camera. I was pretty happy with these photos. I’m no photographer, but they didn’t suck too badly)
TMBG01 : TMBG02 : TMBG03 : TMBG04 : TMBG05 : TMBG06 : TMBG07 : TMBG08 : TMBG09 : TMBG10 : TMBG11 : TMBG15 : TMBG16

pse: Corn Mo did a great job of opening. He was hilarous and got us laughing so hard that we nearly wet ourselves. Also, would it have killed them to play “Another First Kiss?” *sigh* Sorry. I’m greedy. It was a great show :)

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