Things About Which I’m Excited

Hiya gang. I got back from our Easter Vigil after only 3 hours (I’m Catholic, what can I say) so I figured that I should post something for you all to enjoy.

>>A very cool fellow from The Decemberists message board, Steve Goldberg, has some songs that I think you’ll like. He’s witty, he’s a good musician and gosh darn it I think he’s just what we need on this Easter morning. You’ll like this if you like all those Weezer-spawned bands like Ozma and The Get Up Kids. There are more songs at his website. Word on the street is that he’s preping a CD. Keep it on the down low though.

To Jane Gallagher
Preston the Penguin

>>Electric Six Tour – May 6 Louisville, KY
Headliners. I’m thinking of going to this one so I can rock out to Gay Bar and High Voltage! My friend Jay assures me that their new album is wonderful, however I refuse to download it and don’t have the spare money to buy an album on a recomendation right now. Anyone either seeing Electric Six or know if their new album is good?

Electric Six – Don’t Be Afraid of the Robot

>>John Mayer’s cover of Kid A I had looked for a hosted copy of this back when I started my blog, but couldn’t find it. Now, I can. If you haven’t heard it, I highly suggest it. I prefer this to the original, actually. EDIT: seems to not be working now. Hmmm…. darn communists

>>My taxes. I did them and I get $$ back. Is this a cool country or what?

>>Decemberists with Willy Mason in May. It’ll be awesome. I’ve talked to some people that are going to the show and we’re thinking about getting together before or afterwards at a restaurant. Any of you going to the Louisville show and want in?

Willy Mason – Oxygen (thanks to Me You, We Two!)

>>JukeBlog is an mp3-blog recommending website. Create an account and rank a couple random posts (e.g. they’ll show you a post on Largehearted boy and you rank it from 1-5). Then it will suggest which mp3 blogs fit you best. How it works, I don’t know. Hopefully YANP will be added soon. Thanks to Sixeyes for the heads-up!

>>My new Subbs the Zombie tshirt. It kicks some major butt. I’ll try to take a picture of it once I get back to college.

>>The Dandy Warhols/Brian Jonestown Massacre movie Dig! comes out on DVD April 12th. I will probably be chipping in money for this because both myself and my roommate’s girlfriend, Emily, totally dig the Dandies.

>>Roman Candle – they sound kinda like Speechwriters LLC and Jason Mraz. Their sound is definetely spiffy. Check ’em out if you’ve got the time.

4 thoughts on “Things About Which I’m Excited”

  1. The new Electric Six album is amazing. It’s just as good as the first if not better. It took me a bit to warm up to it, but I ended up listening to it for a straight 3 weeks nonstop. I’m going to check them out in Colombia, MO on April 8th.

  2. Anonymous, yeah, my friend is going to let me listen to it this week so I can make up my mind. Maybe the radio station has it in stock..

    SB, tempting offer. I’m just way too lazy to order it off the ‘net. I’ll pay more for the copy that should be coming to our indie CD store. I’m a dummy like that.

  3. The new electric six is much better than the last one, which wasnt that good IMHO. but this new cd is very good. except the cover of radio ga ga is not needed.

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