Captain of Industry

Captain of Industry – It’s kinda funny when bands have similar names. Like We vs The Shark and Bear vs Shark (apparently it’s one powerful fish). Likewise, there’s a Giants of Industry! in Lexington, and Captain of Industry from Dayton, OH. These guys are pretty darn entertaining. They’re fast and quirky, and they also know how to write some memorable lyrics. All these songs are off their album ! and get my seal of approval. Enjoy ’em while I go home to Etown to enjoy Easter.

It Might Be Me
Under My Belt
Good Side Son

2 thoughts on “Captain of Industry”

  1. I havent’ checked out the mp3s, yet, but I wonder if they took their names from the Jets To Brazil song “Sweet Avenue”:
    “I’m a captain of industry,
    smoking famously,
    trying not to look down.”

  2. COI is a pretty sweet band, but there live stuff is much better. If you ever get to chance to see them live, go, because Nathan’s stage pressenece isn’t one to miss, especially when he breaks out “Hey Ya” to end the show, you’ll see everyone dance the night away.

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