I’m Sorry

I really am. I went through a whole day without posting anything “real.” I feel like I’ve let you all down. Oh well. Let me just say that my time today was spent cooking up something really awesome. I sent some emails, received more emails than I figured I would get back and wrote a little for a future update. I’m really exicted about this and I’m hoping that some of you all will be too.

Let’s catch up with some bands, shall we?

>>The Decemberists were featured on Wired News for their use of BitTorrent to distribute the 16 Military Wives video. And yes, I’ll be doing a review of the album shortly. Get off my back!

>>Ever listened to Wesley Willis? Try Rock and Roll McDonalds on for size. This “song” makes me remember 8th grade and how hard we would laugh during the chorus.

>>Word on the street is that We Are Scientists have signed to a label. However, no confirmation yet. Bishop Allen is, of course, still teasing us all and flirting with the idea of signing to a label.

>>I’m in love with this cover of Superstar done by the Eels. The recording is a bit shabby, but it’s worth it.

>>I’m on a quest right now. A quest to find the Flaming Lips’ performance on Austin City Limits (I’d settle for KCRW). The thing is, I found an awesome folder with the Lips’ covers of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Shine On You Crazy Diamond (among others). The only thing is, they don’t seem to want to download as mp3 files. I’m having quite a problem. Anyone think they can help? It’s located here.

>>Also, what….on….earth is going on in the world? Didn’t this guy have a children’s movie made after him? Jeez.

5 thoughts on “I’m Sorry”

  1. once the file is downloaded try renaming the suffix to .mp3 instead of .htm


  2. I just right clicked, choose Save Target As, Switched Save as type from HTML Document to All Files, then renamed the extension on the file from .htm to .mp3. It downloaded perfectly and I’m now listening to somewhere over the rainbow.


  3. I tried to do those things, but it didn’t go for me. I’m sure when I try them again it’ll work..ah! Firefox wasn’t letting me choose the “all files” thing like I thought it was. That could be the problem…Thanks guys!

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