Interpol w/ Q and Not U – Louisville, KY 3/16/05Part 2

Sorry for not posting these earlier. I had to wait until Cory and I were both back in college so that the photos would transfer at faster than 2kb/s. But the point is that they’re here now.

When my friends asked if I wanted to see Interpol, I said yes without even thinking. There was never a moment where I considered the fact that I only know the words to two of their songs. I didn’t even think that I might not fit in. What I did think of is that seeing Interpol is supposed to be the indie equivalent of a personal audience with God.

After running into the DJ who goes on right after me at WRFL, I ran back and took my seat for Interpol. Watching Inerpol do their set was a lot like watching a mob hitman take out his mark. They were serious. As close as a sense of humor that they displayed was the glowing smiley face on Paul’s guitar. Some people say that this is related to a problem with Interpol’s live shows – it’s exactly like listening to the CD. They didn’t add too much of anything extra, they rarely varied from their album versions. However, I don’t think this took much away from their performance. What did it for me was the sheer power. These guys gave off a vibe of power in everything they did.

Where watching Q and Not U was like watching the world’s best frat party band, watching Interpol felt like you were seeing an established and respected band. Not to say that they did a better job. In fact, they were both at the top of their game. I’m just saying that these are guys that obviously took themselves seriously – and for a good reason.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the show was their performance of NYC. The ironic part is, right before it, Cory and I shouted out “Louisville cares!” We felt like we caused it to be played, when in fact it was just serindipity. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it was amazing. Just like when I saw Pearl Jam do Yellow Ledbetter or when Bright Eyes did Lua, it gave me chills. I love singing along at concerts, and it was a relief to actually be able to sing along at the top of my lungs. I felt kinda out of place for not knowing all the lyrics.

After the encore, their drummer threw out the six sticks that he used in the show. You know me, I caught one. However, I realized that Cory is a WAY bigger Interpol fan than I am, so I gave it to him. After the show we went out back and got stuff signed by Paul. All in all, this was an amazing concert. I highly suggest that anyone who has the chance to see Interpol should take it. They made my spring break 100x better than anyone on MTV’s.

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