Ghost of Posts to Come

Hey. I highly suggest that you head over to Between Thought and Expression. Not only do they have the Coldplay concert (new songs!) that’s making the blog rounds faster than that Ted Leo cover but there’s also an AWESOME post that has links to various performances on a Texas radio station by bands in the vein of Of Montreal, Modest Mouse and the Magnetic Fields.

I’m sure you’re all saying to yourself, “Matt, didn’t you go see Interpol and Q and Not U? Why aren’t you raving about it?” Well, it’s like this. My friend and I took photos and I’m waiting to get them all straightened out, developed and on my computer. Once I get some breath-taking photos to go with my sub-par writings, then it’ll be time to tell you about my religious experience. Let me say this though: I got a total of three things from the stage. Anyone care to guess what they are? Hints: one came out of a performer and two were used by performers.

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