We Are Scientists Discover Labels!

We Are Scientists – These guys have probably the greatest relationship with their fans of any indie band I’ve yet encountered. Their website is frequently updated with humor and inside jokes that makes the fans feel like they’re best friends with the band. But now they’re giving us the ultimate gift – signing with a label that will give them distribution in stores across the globe. It had been speculated for a while by the internet community that WAS had indeed signed. We got confirmation yesterday when Christian Rudder of Bishop Allen confirmed that they had, indeed, signed to Virgin. Big day for the boys. However, I know that lots of times the indie community refers to this as “selling out.” Well, phooey on you. As long as Virgin doesn’t screw them (in which, they would no longer be Virgin) and take all their $$$, then I’m glad they’re making the move. Any thoughts?

It’s a Hit (new song, radio rip via NATHANIEL!)
Great Escape (video)
That One Pop Gem (song)

ADIDAS 1 Song: Karen O – “Hello Tomorrow”

I’m sure we all know the feeling. You hear a song in some weird place like a movie theater or friend’s house, far from your beloved computer. How will you find out who sings it? How can you buy or download it? Well, Google fixes everything. After getting this song from Adidas 1’s comercial stuck in my head, I found it in under 2 minutes. New Jeopardy record! If you haven’t seen the commercial, I’ve included a link to watch it. I found out that Spike Jonze, the director, used his brother’s song in this ad. The female vocals are none other than Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Small world, huh? Anyways, here’s some links from which to pick.

Watch the Video
Squeak E. Clean and Karen O – Hello Tomorrow (shorter, but better quality)
Squeak E. Clean and Karen O – Hello Tomorrow (longer, but poor quality and also hosted at Rapidshare)

EDIT: Here’s the real song all the way through in wonderful quality. However, I’m not as fond of it because it’s got really techno-y drums in it. Oh well. I’m not the artist, I can’t complain too much.

Hello Tomorrow

Beck and Lollapalooza

Update at Beck’s Website:
Beck will make his 9th appearance on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic this Thursday, March 31st at 11:15am, playing cuts off Guero with the band. Los Angelenos can tune in at 89.9FM, while the rest of you can listen to the live webcast at KCRW’s website.

Lollapalooza is back? Apparently it’s going to be in Chi-town and just might be free. Who knows? Check that website this Friday, April 1st for an update. Hey, anyone remember that episode of the Simpsons where they went to Lollapalooza and Homer met the Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Peter Frampton and Cypress Hill? Hilarious…

“You know, my kids think you’re the greatest. And thanks to your gloomy music, they’ve finally stopped dreaming of a future I can’t possibly provide.” – Homer
Well, we try to make a difference.” – Billy Corgan

New Weezer Video, Song Clips, Tracklist

Over at Albumfive.com there’s a crapload of new stuff on Weezer’s 5th album, Make Believe. Here is the video for Beverly Hills and two clips ripped off a special on Weezer.

Beverly Hills(video)
We Are All on Drugs (song clip)
Unknown song (song clip)

It’s looking like the tracklist is:
1 average person
2 we are all on drugs
3 i’m a robot
4 beverly hills
5 this is such a pity
6 freak me out
7 love is the answer
8 the damage in your heart
9 I’m outta here
10 they are supid
11 last chance
12 peace

It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career

>> David Byrne launched his own internet radio station this week. It’s pretty groovy. As I expected, there’s Arcade Fire on his playlist. This guy is a sucker for weird, but good, music. Via Boing Boing. Visit his radio station’s site here.

>>A fan of Bishop Allen? Tonight at 7pm EST their lead guitarist, Christian Rudder, will be appearing in the chat room to answer any questions about their work on the new album, Clemintines. I’ll post a link to a transcription of the chat after it’s all said and done.
EDIT: Christian revealed a lot of awesome things in the chat. He gave us a rough tracklist, told us that We Are Scientists will be doing some parts on the album. There’s piano. There’s banjo. It will be a glorious time. Transcript

>>If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while (and by that I basically mean since I started back in November) then you might remember my run in with Lexington’s policy of music in bars. Basically, you can’t go into a bar if you’re under 21, even if you just want to hear a band. So that kept me from seeing what is possibly the best new band, Arcade Fire. HOWEVER, I plan on having something far better to say than “can I come in?” when Iron and Wine come to The Dame on April 15 with opening band, Band of Horses (name change, nice huh?) On a related note, the demos are coming down of BoH’s website because they’ll be selling their demo EPs on tour. So grab ’em now or buy ’em later.

>>Sub Pop may have let me down. They signed the A Frames, who I had not heard of, to release their 3rd album on the Seattle label. I’m not impressed with the A Frame’s one mp3 available on their site, but maybe I’m crazy. You be the judge A Frames – Experiment

>>However, SubPop totally redeemed themselves by updating The Shins’ new tour dates. Wow. Four SubPop bands in a row. I really am a label whore. *sigh*

>>Of Montreal will be playing a session at KEXP on May 27th.

>>Whoa nelly. Here’s a directory that has tons of tv shows. The Daily Show is my favorite, but there’s Leno and The Simpsons and tons of other stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s legal to post those because you could tape it off the boob tube anyways. Check the parent dir for more junk.

>>EDIT: I FOUND IT! Q and Not U – Wet Work

Radiohead’s New Song

Here’s a new song, performed by Jonny, Thom and the Nazareth Orchestra that was played at the Ether Festival. Ed has said that they boys have already spent 4 weeks in the studio working on new material. (from At Ease) I’m pretty sure, however, that this is just one of Johnny’s little ditties (like Bodysong) and isn’t a “Radiohead” song, per say. However, it’s entertaining, if not weird.

New Radiohead Song Arpeggi (Yousendit.com)

Arcade Fire CBC Radio Sessions

…because these kids don’t get enough press already. Here’s a recording of a CBC Radio Session. It’s in a rar file, so you’ll have to unzip it. But first, a couple “did you knows,”

-Regine from AF sings on the beginning of The Unicorns song Tuff Luff. According to shady sources, “it’s her, but backwards. the unicorns found it on one of the recycled tapes where they were recording and asked her if it was ok.” Richard also plays a couple insruments on it as well.

-Arcade Fire will be playing on June 26th (that’s my birthday, if anyone cares) with David Byrne as part of KCRW’s World Music Festival. They’ll also be playing both Leeds and Reading festivals in merry olde England. Cheerio!

Arcade Fire – CBC Sessions

NOTE: I’m in class and they just handed out a quiz haha


Sorry if it gets a little slow this week. I’ve got three tests and a couple labs. Ugh.

>>We Are Scientists have a hilarious interview over at New Noise.net These guys should have been comedians.

>>Here’s the new Ryan Adams song “Let it Ride” (yousendit.com)

>>Check out this dir with some awesome Radiohead, Pixies and Frank Black.

>>My friends used to make fun of me for listening to Reel Big Fish, but I knew a good song when I heard it. Here’s a blast from my past (that’s still on my iPod playlist, strangely enough). Reel Big Fish – Somebody Hates Me After you’ve listened to it, you should head over to RBF’s myspace account to hear This Fire from their new album We’re Not Happy ‘Til You’re Not Happy. I’m not too fond of it, but you might be.

>>Anyone got Morrissey: Who Put the M in Manchester? It looks good, but I can’t afford to plop down $14.00 on a guess. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes and buy it and Dig! on April 12th.

Weezer in the AP

Weezer appeared in the latest Alternative Press. Here’s a transcription thanks to WeezerGrl374 of the Weezer message board. It’s kinda long, but amazingly interesting.

AP Article

I’ll sum it up for you though:
-Rivers is insane

Okay, so I’m watching the UK/Mich ST game and I nearly had a heart attack when Sparks shot a 3, missed, Azubuike shot a 3, missed and then Sparks finally hit one. It bounced like 4 times then finally went in. My dad and I jumpped out of our chairs and started yelling. Aaah….Wildcat basketball. I’ll post this image for good luck