(Now I’m an) Amnesiac

I went skiing yesterday and somehow got a concussion and went to the hospital. I’ve got a spotty memory because of it and am having trouble remembering what’s going on from hour to hour. Anyways, this song pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right now.

UNKLE & Thom Yorke – Rabbit in Your Headlights

ps: I woke up and asked everyone at the hospital if Radiohead was still the best band on Earth. My roommate’s girlfriend assured me that yes, yes they were.

The Caesars “Jerk it Out”

The Caesars – Yeah, I’m about a month behind. That’s not the point. The point is that this song is highly addictive and fun. This is perfect for the “Sunny Day Soundtrack” I’m making for my ipod. Anyone else getting a sneak peek of spring in their area?

Download The Caesars – Jerk it Out
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Buy the album 39 Minutes of Bliss

Bright Eyes & Britt Daniel (Spoon) Home vol IV

I had the fortune to listen to this album recently and was highly impressed. This is the cooperation between Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes and Britt Daniel of Spoon. It feels like mostly Bright Eyes songwriting, which is understandable. I mean, if you’re Britt, would you want to tell Conor what to do? However, what stood out to me is the lyrics.

You’re always saying that I owe you one,
Well, let’s consolidate this debt.
Get on a payment plan,
I’ll pay you compliments.

-Spent on Rainy Days

On the downside, it only has four tracks. They’re awesome, but this cd just begs to be filled with more genius. Sure it can get a little boring at times, but not even Bright Eyes and Spoon are perfect. Anyways, I’d suggest buying this one. Amazon has it for $9.99 new and $6.99 used.

*edit* The file is down at the moment. I hope to fix it by this evening.

Download Spent on Rainy Days.

Props to FBM who alerted me to these.