4 thoughts on “We Are Scientists”

  1. Yuppers, they are quite awesome. Another song I’d throw in the links would be “That One Pop Gem.” It shows even another side of the We Are Scientists… they have many sides to them, it seems. One of the things that makes them so awesome, in my opinion, is definitely Keith Murray’s singing voice. Oh, so awesome. Not to mention their amazing sense of humor. Also, earlier in their year, they did a few science-fiction songs such as “Mothra vs. We Are Scientists” and “Spotomatic Freeze,” the latter of which sounds like it would make an awesome B-movie plot. In other words… YES!


    p.s. “I can’t believe they’re not famous.” That is 100% perfect.

  2. Yeah, I should have thrown it in there. However, I was rushed to leave to get to the Arcade Fire show. You can never be too early to get rejected! ;)

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