Turn Around, Bright Eyes

I’ve just been informed that I’ll be attending the Bright Eyes show in Columbus. Here are a Bright Eyes and Conor solo show to celebrate.

Bright Eyes
Hultsfreds Festival – Summer 2004
The whole thing unsplit in mp3

Bright Eyes
September 19, 2002 @ Maxwells
Hoboken, NJ
01-Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man
02-You Will. You Will
03-No Prayer
04-Black Comedy
05-The Trees Get Wheeled Away
06-I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
07-Let’s not Shit Ourselves
08-June on the West Coast
Both of these are compliments of The Feel Good Revolution

2 thoughts on “Turn Around, Bright Eyes”

  1. Yo… this is andrew the anonymous. Yeah this should be one happening show dawg. its like one of only a couple shows in teh US so tickets are gonna be tight as heck. but it should be fun anyways… yeah..

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